Who Else Wants To Learn The
Recession-Proof Sales Methods
That Were Tested on 19 Million People During The Worst Economic Crisis in American History?


Dear Friend,

Can I take a few minutes to tell you about an unusual man and a rare book that may help boost your sales during these tough economic times?


The man is Elmer Wheeler and
the book is Tested Sentences That Sell.


First published in 1937, Tested Sentences That Sell reveals the simple principles for sales success that Wheeler discovered through testing on 19 million people.


Why You Should Read This 70-Year-Old Book


There is one simple reason... because Wheeler's discovered his principles for sales success by working with struggling retail stores and door-to-door salesmen during the worst economic crisis in American history... the Great Depression that lasted from 1929 to 1939.

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to feed your family by hawking vacuum cleaners door-to-door to housewives during the Great Depression?

Wheeler's methods worked for these guys and I'm confident that they can help you be a more effective sales person in today's challenging economic environment.

So if you are looking for someone to teach you how to sell during tough times, I can't think of a better guide than Elmer Wheeler.


“Who The Heck Was Elmer Wheeler?”


Well, you may never have heard of him but Elmer “Sizzler” Wheeler was the man who unlocked the doors to success for hundreds of thousands of salespeople.

He determined through exhaustive research how language can be used to make or break a sale and he shared these secrets with an eager fan club of savvy sales professionals.

You might say that…


Wheeler Cracked the Code on
What Makes People Buy


You see as president of the Tested Selling Institute, Elmer Wheeler tested 105,000 phrases for 5,000 different products on 19,000,000 people to find the single most effective way to sell each product.

Wheeler’s words worked magic for his struggling depression-era clients:

  • A sentence he developed for hand lotion increased sales in a single store from 60 to 927 units each week.
  • Two “Tested Selling Sentences" Wheeler created for a toothbrush company caused four famous department stores to sell out of this staple item for the first time ever.
  • His tested combination of words for selling coffee and tea closed the deal 78% of the time at Macy’s.
  • The selling statement he created for a shoe polish company increased sales 300%. Sales in one store alone went from 2,500 to 30,000 units a month.
  • A phrase that Wheeler developed for Sears Roebuck made 20% of shoppers purchase expensive electrical appliances.
  • He came up with a tested sentence for a shaving cream manufacturer that increased sales 102%. Convinced that he could do better, Elmer created an even better sales approach that increased sales by 300% when tested in one of Cleveland’s leading department stores!
  • Wheeler made Hoover vacuum cleaners a household name. Its president and founder H.W. Hoover took time out of his busy schedule to write an introduction to Tested Sentences That Sell.
  • The two word phrase he created for selling Coca-Cola at the soda counter made customer "super size" their order over 70% of the time.
  • Texaco paid him $5000 (a large sum in the 1930’s) for a seven-word phrase to sell motor oil that worked 58% of the time and helped Texaco dealers get under a quarter of a million hoods in one week.


Wheeler Teaches America To Sell


But Wheeler didn't just sit back and grow rich off his consulting work for America's biggest companies. Instead he began sharing his secrets with a eager nation of sales professionals.

Here's some of what he accomplished:

  • He wrote 21 books on sales. Many made the New York Times Best Seller List, something unheard of for sales manuals. His books were devoured by both fellow salesmen and the general public. He often told the story of having Joe, his barber, successfully use his own techniques on him.
  • Wheeler was voted the most outstanding public speaker in America. He gave his famous speech, "Selling the Sizzle”, more than 6,000 times to over 2 million people. The sales lecture he gave to an audience of 20,000 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas set a record for a non-political speech.
  • When he spoke to sales people, it was to standing room only crowds. Here’s what the New York Times said about one of his appearances: “Elmer Wheeler did it again yesterday. He packed the Henry Hudson Room of the Roosevelt Hotel for the weekly meeting of the Sales Executive Club of New York and left 300 people standing outside.”
  • He founded the Elmer Wheeler Sales Training Institute and trained tens of thousands of salesmen and women throughout the United States and abroad. At the same time he continued to run hundreds of private "Sizzle Schools" for his corporate clients.
  • He appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and popularized his trademark expression… “Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak”.
  • Wheeler wrote a syndicated weekly newspaper column, Success Secrets, that appeared in hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States. He interviewed over 1,000 people and distilled their secrets of success into his Master Formula, a simple six-step formula for getting what you want out of life.


Wheeler's books have long been out-of-print but we recently acquired the rights to make them available again as instantly downloadable eBooks.

This means that...


You Can Finally Get Your Own Copy of Wheeler’s Masterpiece…
“Tested Sentences That Sell”
Without Paying A Fortune For It.


Pardon my language but this is really going to piss some people off.

You see Elmer Wheeler has been a must-read among top sales and marketing pros for years and certain rare book dealers have been making a bundle from this fact.

Check out this screen shot from the Albris.com used book site to see what I mean. (I've deleted the dealer names for my own protection.)



Frankly I Think These Prices Are Criminal!


I also believe that everyone in sales should have the opportunity to read Elmer Wheeler's books... and shouldn't have to pay the outrageous prices these guys are charging.

This is why I've spent thousands of dollars and many months of my time to get the rights to release Tested Sentences That Sell and other Elmer Wheeler sales classics as affordable, downloadable eBooks.

This news is going to make Elmer Wheeler's fans happy but I'm even more excited that I'll be able to share Wheeler Magic with new readers such as yourself.

I'm confident that if you give Elmer Wheeler a chance you'll soon be echoing the sentiments of these Amazon.com readers:


"There is NO modern sales book that matches Elmer Wheeler's materials. One man tells how, in just five days of reading one of his books, he went from selling $55 worth of merchandise as a store salesman to $1570 in merchandise. I can personally say that his books have changed, not only my sales abilities, but my life. I have every Elmer Wheeler book ever written including the sales pamphlets from his seminars where he spoke to more than 1,000,000 people per year at his height."


"The Master Blaster who has been copied by all modern authors of Sales books. Having read a wide range of authors from Dan Kennedy, Gitomer, Joe Girard, Joe Sugarman, Jay Abraham, Godin Seth, Drayton Bird et al. Elmer Wheeler's ideas cuts through them all. Written in 1930s, every word is worth gold."


"I first got this book when Jay Abraham recommended it to me. It was a revelation! I began to realize that there is a real difference in the outcome affected by words. That may seem obvious when you read it but it wasn't obvious, in a practical sense, to me at the time.

It showed me actual phrases used by actual sales people and how a smart choice in words could mean a BIG difference in the outcome: whether you get a sale or not.

This book is a must-have for anyone serious about getting results from their sales, sales letters and/or web sites."


"Words...what you say how you say make it or break it. Elmer Wheeler's classic is a treasure. Talks common sense, which you and I can use everyday and see immediate results. Grab a copy Now...."

So let me tell you more about our first release...

Tested Sentences That Sell introduced the world to Elmer's famous Wheelerpoints, his proven formulas for using the power of words for greater sales success.

It can show you how to find the “sizzle” in your own product or service and use it to attract prospects and close more business.

Long out-of-print, this "Bible of Sales Persuasion" is now available again as an instantly downloadable eBook.

In Tested Sentences That Sell you'll discover:

check1a1 How to come up with your own Tested Sentences and how to use them to create killer sales presentations, letters, and websites. Pages 114 to 119

check7a23a1 Elmer Wheeler’s simple and easy-to-follow 3-Point Method for closing any sale. This technique works just as effectively if you are selling online or in a sales letter. Turn to Page 52.

check2a1 Tested ways to prevent the prospect from saying “No!”. See Pages 62 and 63.

check3a1 The simple technique that trial lawyers use to cross-examine hostile witnesses… and how you can use it to close more business. Page 161.

check5a1 The one word change that brought in thousand of dollars of additional business for a telemarketing operation. Pages 132 and 133.

check6a1 The secret of “invisible” sales words and why the way you sell or write your sales copy may be costing you a fortune. Flip to Page 99.

check7a10a The hidden “buying signals” that many sales people miss completely. Go to Pages 53 and 54.

check7b1a The absolutely critical “one big question” you must answer in the minds of your prospects before you attempt to sell them anything. Page 2.

check7c1a Selling sentence oddities that make people respond like magic. The insights into human nature in this section alone are worth their weight in gold for anyone serious about sales success. Study Pages 138 to 142.




check7a1a1 The 3-letter word that will revive almost any sale. Turn to Page 12.

check7a2a1 How a fishing trip to Long Island taught Wheeler the two most important keys to “hooking a prospect”. Pages 127 and 128.

check7a3a1 The Wheeler X, Y, Z formula for understanding the basic buying motives. Elmer’s research showed that at least 85% of prospects can be sold if you understand how to unlock these three “mental pocketbooks”. See Page 25.

check4a How to find the sizzle in any product or service… and how to use it to make your sale soar. Turn to Page 2.

check7a4a1 The "Say-Something" Formula that Wheeler found to be the secret of almost all successful sales presentations. Page 107.

check7a5a1 Exactly how many seconds you have to get a prospect’s attention... and how many minutes before sales fatigue sets in. Elmer proved these numbers using a lie detector at Johns Hopkins University. See Page 37.

check7a6a1 How to take the “temperature” of the prospect so you know exactly when to begin the close. Learn the easy-to-miss signs that timid and hesitant buyers make to show they need "one last push". Read Pages 49 through 52.

check7a7a1 Five effective ways to immediately make the other person feel at ease. Page 102.

check7a8a1 The sale-stopping mistake that many sales people and online marketers make. Turn to Page 45.

check7a9a1 Are any of these “sales killers” coming out of your mouth? Page 96.

check7a22a1 How to handle objections… Elmer’s techniques work regardless of how you are selling… in person, in print, over the telephone, or online. Flip to Page 47.

check7a11a1 The two little words that turned nickels into dimes at the soda counter and how you can apply this principle to whatever you sell. See Page 24.

check7a12a1 The simple and highly effective closing technique that Elmer Wheeler discovered through extensive testing on millions of people. Turn to Page 66.

check7a13a1 The art of quoting price. How to avoid price discussions too early in the sale. How to make the price irrelevant to the prospect. How to handle price objections. Pages 55 to 57.




check7a14a1 Wheelerpoint 2 and why it's critical for both online and offline marketers. Page 3

check7a15a1 How to deal with a “know-it-all”. Turn to Page 48.

check7a17a1 Why being this type of sales person sends prospects to running for the nearest exit screaming with their hands over their ears. See Page 11.

check7a18a1 Why three little words sold millions of expensive new clothespins and how you can use the simple principle behind this success to make your sales soar. See Page 22.

check7a19a1 The roles of desire, fear, logic, and emotion in the prospect’s mind. Know when to appeal to the customer’s heart and when to use logic to make the sale. Read Pages 24 to 26.

check7a20a1 The Wheeler A and B rule and how adding this special ingredient to your sales pitches will boost your closing rate by at least 25%. Turn to Page 30.

check7a21a1 What to do when you are “lost for words” and need more time to think? Simple advice but many sales professionals do just the opposite. Turn to Page 42.

check7a25a1 What Sherlock Holmes taught Elmer Wheeler about selling. This is the secret that all top salesmen, master marketers, and “con men” know. Page 19.


Elmer Wheeler's methods will work for you… regardless of whether you sell in person, in print, over the telephone, or on the Internet.


His principles for capturing a prospect’s attention and “forcing” him to open his wallet are just as effective today as the day they were written.

This makes sense. After all your customers are motivated by the same desires and needs that have governed human behavior since the dawn of time.

As Elmer Wheeler said, “Basically we are all alike and respond to the same buying urges. The same emotions that sold customers 20,000 years ago still sell them today.”


“Okay, So What's It Going To Cost Me?”


As I mentioned already, I'm releasing Tested Sentences That Sell as a downloadable eBook.

This is a win-win for both of us.

I don't have to deal with the hassles of managing printers, warehousing, and fulfillment houses.

And you'll get this book at a great price because I can pass my cost savings right on to you.

You'll also get immediate access to Tested Sentences That Sell over the Internet. No need to pay a small fortune to a used book dealer and wait a week or two for a smelly, musty book to arrive.


So here’s the deal… during this introductory period you can purchase Elmer Wheeler's Tested Sentences That Sell as an downloadable eBook in Adobe PDF format for just $29.95.


And to make the decision even easier for you I'm going to give you some four bonuses that I think are just as valuable as Tested Sentences That Sell.


Free Bonus #1: Elmer Wheeler’s
Sizzlemanship: New Tested Sentences
(Sells for up to $216 used)

As a special bonus for acting promptly you'll get a copy of Sizzlemanship: New Tested Sentences. This was Elmer’s sequel to Tested Sentences That Sell and expands on his tested Wheelerpoints for sales success with tons of new examples and techniques.

Here's a sample of what’s in this free bonus eBook:

check7a20b1a Why prospects never hear the sales pitch that sells them. This is the biggest mistake that otherwise “smart” online marketers make. Go to Page 18.

check7a20d1a A simple but deadly effective sales technique used by a Western Union salesman to outsell his competitors by a factor of 10-to-1. Page 34.

check7a20e1a How to use the “monkey see, monkey do” instinct in all of us for greater sales success. Flip to Page 40.

check7a20f1a Why people touch “wet paint” signs and why you must satisfy this deeply desire in your prospect to make the sale! See Page 41.

check7a20g1a What Wheeler’s days selling newspaper advertising taught him about the emotional side of sales. Page 44.

check7a20h1a A reverse selling technique that is used every day by top sales pros and master marketers. Pages 48 to 54.

check7a20i1a A human-interest method of selling that will work for you… regardless of what and how you sell. Pages 69 to 70.

check7a20j1a Wheeler’s “Flowers-In-The-Yard”, “Four-Verb”, and “How Am I Doing” closes. See Pages 85, 88, and 137.

check7a20k1a How to chart the mind of a prospect to find just the right “Tested Sentence” to use. Go to Page 89.

check7a20c1a The psychological trick used by successful panhandlers and how you can use this in your own sales pitches. Pages 24 to 25.

check7a20l1a Even more Wheeler tested ways to handle objections. See Pages 94 to 96.

check7a20m1a The art of quoting prices and the secrets of the Rule Of Three. Page 110.

check7a20n1a Why selling is like eating olives. This critical principle is used everyday by the savviest online marketers in the world. Page 121.

Sizzlemanship also includes The Elmer Wheeler Sales Album, a 70-page collection of the actual selling sentences used by Elmer Wheeler’s customers in a wide range of different businesses.

Just reading through this section is guaranteed to get your sales juices flowing and give you all the ammunition you need to come up with your own magic sales words.

Sizzlemanship is long out-of-print and is even harder to find than Tested Sentences That Sell.



Free Bonus #2: Elmer Wheeler’s
How To Make Your Daydreams Come True
(Sells for up to $225 on Albris)

You'll also get a copy of Elmer Wheeler’s motivational classic, How To Make Your Daydreams Come True.

Elmer interviewed over 1,000 successful men and women and published their stories in his long running Success Secrets newspaper column. He distilled what he learned into Wheeler's Master Formula for Success, a simple six-step way to achieve your goals in life.

Here's some of what you'll discover:

check16a1 Five ways to handle the obstacles that can get in the way of your success. Pages 111 to 114.

check15a1 What those over the age of 45 can do to “stay in the game”. Turn to Page 36.

check9a1 Five rules for the person who says, “I’m Too Busy”. See Page 4.

check10a1 Four ways to make success come even faster by leveraging the power of others. Page 51.

check11a1 Three bogeymen who will try to stop your dreams from coming true. Page 123.

check13a1 Why and how you should “listen to your gut”. See Pages 117 to 121.

check17a1 How repetition can make your dreams come even faster. Page 109.

check18a1 The seven rules for success they never taught you in school. Flip to Page 25.

check19a1 The ten simple rules that anyone can use to live a more successful life. Page 9

check20a1 “How” thinking vs. “If” thinking. Page 91

check21a1 The one big reason people don’t succeed… and how you can avoid letting this happen to you. Page 133 to 135.

check23a1 Why “push” not “pull” is the secret to success. Page 12

check24a1 The four words that will make anyone instantly like you. Page 16

check26a1 Five simple ways to remember names… try it for one month and you’ll never be embarrassed again. Page 32

check25a1 25 actual case histories of ordinary people who turned their dreams into success. Pages 137 to 157

Again this isn't a book that you'll find in your local book store. It hasn’t been available for years but you will get your own copy absolutely free when you order Tested Sentences That Sell today.


Free Bonus #3: Frank Bettger’s
How One Idea Multiplied My Income And Happiness

You may know Frank Bettger as the author of "How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling", one of the best-selling sales books of all time. He's another master salesman who learned his chops during tough economic times.

In this rare booklet, Bettger reveals the ONE thing that lead to all of his success in sales. It also has an inspiring introduction by the great Dale Carnegie.


Special Audio Bonus: Elmer Wheeler’s
Selling The Sizzle (Extremely Rare)

Listen to Wheeler give his award-winning speech. The same one he gave more than 6000 times to over 2,000,000 people.

Listen to it first. It's your "Quickstart Guide" to the world of Elmer Wheeler.

You will receive this special audio bonus as both MP3 audio files and as a written transcript in Adobe PDF format.



All four bonuses are yours absolutely free when you order Tested Sentences That Sell by during this introductory period.








Our Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide that Elmer Wheeler isn’t right for you, just email us at any time within 8 weeks, and we’ll cheerfully and immediately refund every penny you paid.

That's right. Take up to eight weeks to put America’s Greatest Salesman to the test… with all the risk on us. The four FREE bonus gifts are yours absolutely free even if decide not to keep Tested Sentences That Sell.

I should also let you know that all orders are processed by ClickBank™, the most trusted name in digital products online. They will be the only ones with access to your credit card information.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose... except by not taking us up on this offer.

Click here now to check out Wheeler Magic and learn the secrets of selling in tough times from America's Greatest Salesman.


Dedicated to Making Your Sales Sizzle,


P.S. You may be asking yourself:


"Can these OLD BOOKS really teach me about selling in the 21st Century?"


Well I'll admit I had the same question when a friend introduced me to Elmer Wheeler a few years ago.

I found Wheeler's language pretty corny. The examples he uses to illustrate his Wheelerpoints are mainly from retail and door-to-door sales. And I've never heard of most of the celebrities he mentions.

Then I realized that NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

You see it isn't the phrases that Wheeler created that are so powerful... it's the simple principles he discovered about WHY THESE WORDS WORK that can help take your sales to new heights.

Also remember these are sales manuals written by a guy who tested 105,000 phrases for 5,000 different products on 19,000,000 people during the worst economic crisis in American history.

This gave him a truly unique understanding of what makes people buy during tough times. You can't get this perspective from today's "sales gurus".

I think you will find that his Elmer Wheeler's methods work just as well today as they did when he was developing them during the Great Depression.

This is why Elmer Wheeler's books are still highly sought after by top sales and marketing pros.

This is also why rare book dealers have been making a fortune selling his books for hundreds of dollars each.

But you don't need to pay their outrageous prices. Click on the button below to get Tested Sentences That Sell and your four free bonuses for just $29.95 when you order during this introductory period.

Do it today while it's still fresh in your mind. You and your family will thank me.



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